And that’s a wrap! Or it is?

My experience so far in the blogger world has been absolutely wonderful. At first, I thought I would dread it consistently posting about a topic I knew nothing about but had a small interest in. I wanted to take my topic, be different and really make it my own. Growing up, my father would stress the importance to my sisters and I towards knowing how to protect ourselves. We would line up and practice punching his arm. He would always say, “It’s okay to kick a guy where the sun doesn’t shine as long as you are protecting yourself.” I always wanted to learn more effective techniques and this blog project really gave me that push to actually get out there and give it a try while also making an excuse to take more “selfies” which I would greatly advise to never do before or during carrying out a self-defense move.

While using WordPress, I found that it was very user friendly and quite simple to create my page and make into a type of blog that really stuck out among others.

A very beneficial feature I appreciated was the ability to link personal social media accounts to your page. Social media greatly played a role towards my blog by automatically communicating to online contacts when the page updated and posted new content. This helped anyone keep up to speed with the blog. I actually gained more followers on Twitter by posting interesting articles linked through WordPress. This website improved my understanding towards creating and managing a webpage. This is a great skill anyone could carry with them forever, whether it’s to be familiar with the software out of  boredom, inspiration, or to impress a prospective job. I feel that the more you educate yourself, the more you shine amongst others. My goal in the future is to someday create my own website promoting and selling fused glass products in which this project gave me a good feel towards taking that first step.

Regarding what areas I could’ve handled differently throughout this project, I could’ve improved on spacing out my posts to have more of a consistent flow as I would post a few updates two days apart. However, with what I have learned, I aim to carry on with this project and continue on in the blogging world to inspire others to be a ninja…or to at least feel like one .


Defense when someone is on top of you

Last week I posted a video from Texas Krav Maga, a school teaching self- defense along with kickboxing. I noticed a few instructors teaching young children while waiting for my class to begin. One of the moves they taught that really caught my eye was how to escape when an attacker is on top of you. This is a highly effective tool for anyone, not just women to use. Because who knows, there could be some intimidating muscular women out there too. The world is an unpredictable place.

When the attacker is on top of their victim, their literally using all of their weight to keep you down. One quick and easy way to retaliate can be to spit in their eyes to distract them from the next move you are about to do. While they are on top it is key to bridge out which is to get your legs up, bending at the knees with your feet planted firmly on the ground a few inches from your butt and spread shoulder width for stability. Using whichever foot you are most dominant with, swing it out and hook it around the attacker’s ankle. From there take your hand, more specifically the one opposite from the foot you hooked around their ankle and place it on their side shoving them over to the ground.

In order for you to escape from that undesired position, you will need to trap your attacker’s foot all while doing a “buck and roll” movement. There are cases where your hands may be pinned down in which you would have to buck and roll with more force. If done correctly, you should be able to turn your attacker around and land on top of him. This would be a favorable position to strike and escape out of this particular situation.

Unfortunately I did not capture this technique on any personal raw footage but found a video by Nick Drossos demonstrating quite similarly to to implement this move. You can watch it here.


Stop! Hammer punch time

Everyone wants to feel like they can punch like Rocky Balboa. To feel like they’re in control of their own safety while owning a day-dream of feeling like a professional boxer. Or maybe that is just me. Knowing how to impede any attack starts with learning how to punch. Keep in mind, you will not learn how to punch just from reading this post but from much practice as well. It can be personal preference to use boxing gloves but is more realistic to practice punches without to get an idea of how throwing a punch feels like. Rocky didn’t win overnight, practice definitely makes perfect.

Carlos Jiminez teaches in his Howcast website on self-defense effective step-by-step moves to execute a punch to retaliate against your attacker. In a violent situation, striking someone may not be the first instinct for some but he shows the importance of at least educating oneself on this technique. His instructional video here, he explains that you ” first you open your hand, then you close your fist, and then the thumb never goes in front and never goes below.” Slowly extend your fist to push your opponent using the second and third knuckle of your pointer and middle finger. Using this area of your fist to execute a punch prevents the rest of your fist from breaking or enduring any damage. It’s also essential to clench both hands in a fist and raise one to carry out the strike while holding up the other about five inches away from your face with the knuckles facing you as a shield.

The hammer fist punch is one of many alternatives to punching. It can be used when an aggressor has gotten too close for comfort disabling you from a straight-line shot.

This video introduces a witty technique to strike to attacker without them expecting how you are planning on protecting yourself. The hammer fist allows you to use your whole body making this punch more powerful. Another pointer when executing the hammer fist is to reverse the punch after hitting the aggressor to return it back to the starting position while striking them twice on either side of their chin to create a greater impact. Needless to say always remember two things: target the sides and strike the chin of the attacker.

How to minimize damage

It is important to understand that anyone, regardless of your height, weight, strength or overall size can learn how to protect themselves when it comes to prevention or confrontation techniques. Attackers prey on those that appear vulnerable, walking alone in unlit areas. In order to minimize chances towards being victimized, here are some more general safety tips:

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Are you a visual learner?

Are you a visual learner? For some, it is easier to apply any fighting filter based on watching how it is implemented. Written instructions can only take one so far so check out my videos page. These videos will instruct simple yet essential techniques for beginners. Self defense away!

My app-tastic Self Defense idea

My journey towards acquiring and reviewing which techniques are effective for beginners made me ponder. Are there any useful phone applications that pertain towards learning personal safety? I took the initiative to search amongst my Samsung Galaxy 4 to discover what apps roam through the Google Play Store and I found many. One that greatly stuck out was an interactive application, Learn to Fight- Self Defense, that lets the user learn all combat fighting techniques through a 3D character that you can control to demonstrate various punches, kicks, headbutts and much more. It reminded me that learning self-defense is a way to acknowledge the world can be a scary place but learning through this rather entertaining app really sheds some light towards transforming a scary process to improve defense techniques into a more fun learning experience. That very application made me brainstorm, what if I created an app similar yet a little bit better?

                                                         Introducing…selfieeeI created an interface design using the program, which is a great resource towards creating a new or improved app idea. If you are ever traveling solo late at night or even through broad daylight in not-so-safe looking areas around town, what better way than to have a safety app? Selfie Defense allows you to interact amongst other users to post pictures and videos of techniques to be knowledgeable towards or even to post epic self-defense fails. This app would aim to bring a more socially educational yet entertaining aspect towards protecting yourself with the sense that, your not alone. So with this app, virtually you would not be walking alone. Here is another general idea towards other features I envision.


Aside from the social side, this app would also contain a fighting guide in which users could interact with a 3D man or woman to demonstrate various moves in a more interactive way. You can also view other people that you follow to see what they are learning and how realistic their experiences towards different techniques come out to be. Lastly, what I feel would really complete the application is having personalized safety settings. The user can program the app to set off a loud alarm based on a keyword they input into that section of the settings. Whenever the application is running and they yell out the keyword, it will set off an alarm. Another setting would be to enter a set list of 5 emergency contacts in which the app will automatically send a text message of their location coordinates once the keyword triggers the alarm. To disengage the alarm, the owner of the phone would have to repeat the attack word. More advanced settings would be to grant the application to contact authorities once the keyword is hollered or to also take a series of photos to identify the assailant and email them to specifically selected emergency contact. It’s important to be safe but with this app, I would hope for phone users to feel safe.