Who is the Girl Behind the Blog?

My name is Alexandra Garcia, often called Ally. My entire life I always carried an interest to learn self defense. This desire stemmed from numerous stories from my father of his experiences serving in the Colombian Army. Those stories made me realize that we live in a world that does have dangerous people and it’s important to know how to protect one self.

This blog will publish variousScreenshot_2014-09-21-15-56-32-1 ways to avoid being assaulted and harassed against one’s consent. Not only do I aim to be unique while educating others about this important topic, I will post a picture of me unrealistically capturing a  “selfie” before demonstrating a new technique that I have learned followed by occasional videos of my experiences. You might ask yourselves, how would that be possible and is it safe? I do not know but I will find out. Who wants to live in fear enough to warn others to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife?” Have no fear, selfie defense techniques are here. While your at it, check out the news story, “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” by clicking here. You will not regret it.


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