I’m Sorry, Don’t Leave Me

I would like to state the obvious. It almost feels like ages since I have posted within this blog when it should, in reality, be highly annoying yet informational with constant updates or posts at least once a week. With this I have failed those who take the time to view my blog. I am sorry so please don’t leave just yet and for those who still check my site to anticipate that one day I will post, I appreciate your loyalty since day one of my very first newbie post. You really should pat yourselves on the back. For those that have lost interest, I like to think you endured all the stages of grief from my absence and moved on. Well, I would like to win you back. How? I’ll tell you how.

Below is an adorable picture of my neighbor’s dog Olive in boxing gloves.

oliveFeel free to laugh followed by an “aw” ending off with a smile. If this occurs then I have indeed won you back. Need I remind and leave you with a tip towards safety under the roof of your humble abode. When in doubt, always have a guard dog to protect you from intruders. Never put boxing gloves on them, this will impair their balance and stability. This picture is merely for your entertainment.

I recently stumbled across an article listing the top 10 dog breeds for protection. The breeds listed have characteristics to guard their owners against unwanted visitors or animals. According to that article, the top ten breeds that contain the certain temperament and strength were considered to be the following listed: a Bull mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Komodor, Puli, Giant Schnauzer, German Shepard, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kuvasz, and the Staffordshire Terrier. And have no fear, I will be back. Over and out.


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