Stop! Hammer punch time

Everyone wants to feel like they can punch like Rocky Balboa. To feel like they’re in control of their own safety while owning a day-dream of feeling like a professional boxer. Or maybe that is just me. Knowing how to impede any attack starts with learning how to punch. Keep in mind, you will not learn how to punch just from reading this post but from much practice as well. It can be personal preference to use boxing gloves but is more realistic to practice punches without to get an idea of how throwing a punch feels like. Rocky didn’t win overnight, practice definitely makes perfect.

Carlos Jiminez teaches in his Howcast website on self-defense effective step-by-step moves to execute a punch to retaliate against your attacker. In a violent situation, striking someone may not be the first instinct for some but he shows the importance of at least educating oneself on this technique. His instructional video here, he explains that you ” first you open your hand, then you close your fist, and then the thumb never goes in front and never goes below.” Slowly extend your fist to push your opponent using the second and third knuckle of your pointer and middle finger. Using this area of your fist to execute a punch prevents the rest of your fist from breaking or enduring any damage. It’s also essential to clench both hands in a fist and raise one to carry out the strike while holding up the other about five inches away from your face with the knuckles facing you as a shield.

The hammer fist punch is one of many alternatives to punching. It can be used when an aggressor has gotten too close for comfort disabling you from a straight-line shot.

This video introduces a witty technique to strike to attacker without them expecting how you are planning on protecting yourself. The hammer fist allows you to use your whole body making this punch more powerful. Another pointer when executing the hammer fist is to reverse the punch after hitting the aggressor to return it back to the starting position while striking them twice on either side of their chin to create a greater impact. Needless to say always remember two things: target the sides and strike the chin of the attacker.


How to minimize damage

It is important to understand that anyone, regardless of your height, weight, strength or overall size can learn how to protect themselves when it comes to prevention or confrontation techniques. Attackers prey on those that appear vulnerable, walking alone in unlit areas. In order to minimize chances towards being victimized, here are some more general safety tips:

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Are you a visual learner?

Are you a visual learner? For some, it is easier to apply any fighting filter based on watching how it is implemented. Written instructions can only take one so far so check out my videos page. These videos will instruct simple yet essential techniques for beginners. Self defense away!