About Me

 As promised, a virtual high five. Welcome to my about me page!

You might ask yourselves, why self defense? In March 2014, I totaled my vehicle due to an ice storm. My car spun out of control and I was blessed to walk out of this accident with only a bloody nose. Although this unfortunate event left me with no choice but to use my new mode of transportation, my feet, I wasn’t about to let it stop me from getting to my dream internship. I used public transportation along with walking all over San Marcos to the Austin area journeying towards my internship. I met very interesting, creative strangers yet noticed others that came across as creeps. Many of my encounters being followed and harassed by a homeless man to getting bitten by a pack of 3 rabid,territorial Chihuahuas; one situation of most that I have to admit I do laugh about from time to time. I really began to understand that the world can be an unpredictable place and learned the significance of being prepared in any type of circumstance. I noticed the importance not to take risks on your life or your safety, but to take risks towards bettering your future. And why not take a few minutes of your time to learn self defense?

Selfie Defense was created with an attempt to highlight various defensive moves with a social trend twist of capturing a selfie before each demonstration. This out-of-the-box idea inspired me to consistently practice and strengthen my self-awareness to feel comfortable while protecting myself in a dangerous situations. This site is to also parody the popular fad of taking a self portrait photo. Who doesn’t like making fun of trends that never fails to look strange and conceited carrying out in public? Well…unless your the one actually taking it.

About the blogger:

facebook_2100621944 Born and raised in Houston, Alexandra(Ally)  Garcia currently resides in San Marcos, TX. She is a senior at Texas State University working towards a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and minor in Business Administration. Recently, she interned for SXSW this March of 2014 which ignited her strong passion towards event planning and technology. Aside from her studies and job aspirations, she enjoys the various beauties of nature and recreational hobbies involving kayaking. For more information about this San Martian, she can be contacted at amg174@txstate.edu or amarieg210@gmail.com.


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