Don’t Forget to K.I.S.S. it


Photo selfie with Justinn Rivers before throw down technique.

It is important to remember to “Keep it simple, stupid!” Some self defense techniques only require simple moves to receive an effective result. I recently stumbled upon a Youtube channel by Warrior Combatives Academy, an academy that teaches a combination of  ju-jitsu and street self-defense techniques. They’re instructional videos demonstrate real-life situations that could occur on the streets and how to strike back.  I viewed one video that showed how to throw down an attacker when they throw a punch and decided this was a move that appeared promising to carry out. This technique was demonstrated in real life with consent of Justinn Rivers, senior Computer Science student at Texas State and black belt in Tang-soo-do. As promised, I included an unrealistic photo of me taking a selfie before attempting this self defense technique which I would hope no one ever attempts before defending one self from any aggressor.

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If you watch how the take down is shown here from 0:59 to 1:58 seconds within the instructional video, the attacker steps forward with the same side foot that the punch came from. I came to notice that stepping forward with the same foot as the punch only helps set up the throw but was not accurate.If the assailant had flung a traditional blow stepping forward with the opposite leg that they punched with, this throw would not have been realistic as a response. So I realized that this video appeared informative at first but noticed that the more unrealistic a technique is toward a real-life situation, the less likely it can be effective. I greatly enjoyed attempting this technique and would like to welcome all those who are joining me on my journey to learn simple street fighting techniques. Always remember to K.I.S.S. it!