Any tool can be used for safety. Get creative!

Here are some everyday tips to protect yourself from a world that does have some dangerous creepy crawlers lurking the streets. These may not be professional self-defense techniques I have found, however, they are some quick and easy reminders for those that have yet to practice and safety movements.

arm on fire

Pun intended. Photo from

As I stated in a previous post, it is important to have a firearm as one form of protection. This weapon of choice is for those that do have a CHL (Concealed Handgun License). Although it is quite an effective tool to ensure your personal safety, it is important to understand how to use it.

Another valuable alternative to carrying a hand gun is to at least purchase pepper spray. To safely use it, be sure to aim the mace directly at the assailant’s face. It is not recommended to run after the victim as I would hope many of you understand this could cause pepper spray to get in your own eyes.


Overly excited man using spray. Photo from

Other substitutes for any ladies out there could be to carry a small bottle of hairspray because it is essential to even have in your possession as a girl. It’s a cosmetic thing. For both men and women another secret weapon that could be used as mace is to use any brand of Wasp and Hornet killer spray. So when roaming the dark and windy streets always remember, get creative! Because almost any item could essentially be used to protect oneself. If you don’t believe me, click here.


It’s normal to have a gun in Texas

I cannot count how many times I have been advised to keep a handgun in possession at all times followed by the all time famous, “it’s Texas” reasoning. It’s the norm here. Whether you believe in gun legislation or not, Texas has more gun owners than any other state in the Union. According to, about 51 million Texans own firearms. As a matter of fact, Texas owns about 20% of all the guns in the United States where the total gun count is 240 million.

Owning any type of gun is one alternative towards protection from burglaries or robbers. Living in a state where guns are right at home, it is an effective way to protect one self from unexpected danger. According to, “Texas lawmakers have made no provisions for those who hold concealed-carry permits from Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Vermont, or Wisconsin.” Residents of Texas who contain a permit to legally conceal and contain a firearm are, however, allowed to bring and carry a handgun within the borders as well as in 35 other states. These authorized states are listed within the Newsmax site here. I recently had the opportunity to learn the correct way to grip and safely set off a .45 and .40 caliber handgun. Unfortunately due to other customers’ safety within the shooting range, I was not allowed to capture a selfie before demonstrating the use of a firearm nor would I prefer to even attempt. It would be too intense, extreme, and dangerous of course.


wpid-20141005_161017.jpgBefore jumping into firing one’s first shot, hold your horses! It is important to buy earplugs or headphone-style ear protection to muffle the noise of the gunshots and prevent damage of your eardrums. Safety glasses or goggles are also urged to protect your eyes from lead particulates that can eject from the weapon or flying shells. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the proper stance prior to shooting a gun. I learned upon my first try firing a gun by one of the shooting range employees to always lean forward. Never lean back! Always keep your feet shoulder-length apart and knees slightly bent. While I felt it to be comfortable to have one foot in front of the other, I noticed other more experienced customers to keep them slightly apart horizontally but it really is a preference and it is key to stay calm and collected. It pains me to say, shooting a gun is more than operating a squirt gun or the fake firearms you see in arcades that rewards you with tickets to get a cool prize you may or may not use ever again. It’s a real, powerful weapon that can harm people and owning one should only be, and I would hope many of you reading would only use this tool merely for self-defense only, unless you like hunting then that doesn’t count based on the topic of interest. Which is, drum role please, Self-defense!



Aside from stance and safety equipment, it’s essential to select a gun based on your body type and personal needs. For beginners, a reliable type of gun is preferred to be a small-caliber gun, such as a .22. I found that shooting with a .45 and a .40 had a stronger kick upon the after-effects of firing the gun. When handling a gun, always keep it away from others and facing downwards. Many beginners, including myself, struggle to cock back the slide on top of the gun using just your forefinger and thumb. Certain weapons have a stronger spring in which it is alright to use your palm to operate the slide, while pointing the gun in a downrange position at all times before shooting. Before shooting, I first practiced how to hold a gun while unloaded to understand how it feels. I would recommend this to many first timers to really familiarize oneself with what you are about to do and experience the correct way to fire it. To learn more towards handling and firing a gun, refer to this very informational page I stumbled upon here. This instructional article helped me understand the importance towards understanding safety in order to effectively protect yourself and others.

I’m Sorry, Don’t Leave Me

I would like to state the obvious. It almost feels like ages since I have posted within this blog when it should, in reality, be highly annoying yet informational with constant updates or posts at least once a week. With this I have failed those who take the time to view my blog. I am sorry so please don’t leave just yet and for those who still check my site to anticipate that one day I will post, I appreciate your loyalty since day one of my very first newbie post. You really should pat yourselves on the back. For those that have lost interest, I like to think you endured all the stages of grief from my absence and moved on. Well, I would like to win you back. How? I’ll tell you how.

Below is an adorable picture of my neighbor’s dog Olive in boxing gloves.

oliveFeel free to laugh followed by an “aw” ending off with a smile. If this occurs then I have indeed won you back. Need I remind and leave you with a tip towards safety under the roof of your humble abode. When in doubt, always have a guard dog to protect you from intruders. Never put boxing gloves on them, this will impair their balance and stability. This picture is merely for your entertainment.

I recently stumbled across an article listing the top 10 dog breeds for protection. The breeds listed have characteristics to guard their owners against unwanted visitors or animals. According to that article, the top ten breeds that contain the certain temperament and strength were considered to be the following listed: a Bull mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Komodor, Puli, Giant Schnauzer, German Shepard, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kuvasz, and the Staffordshire Terrier. And have no fear, I will be back. Over and out.

Don’t Forget to K.I.S.S. it


Photo selfie with Justinn Rivers before throw down technique.

It is important to remember to “Keep it simple, stupid!” Some self defense techniques only require simple moves to receive an effective result. I recently stumbled upon a Youtube channel by Warrior Combatives Academy, an academy that teaches a combination of  ju-jitsu and street self-defense techniques. They’re instructional videos demonstrate real-life situations that could occur on the streets and how to strike back.  I viewed one video that showed how to throw down an attacker when they throw a punch and decided this was a move that appeared promising to carry out. This technique was demonstrated in real life with consent of Justinn Rivers, senior Computer Science student at Texas State and black belt in Tang-soo-do. As promised, I included an unrealistic photo of me taking a selfie before attempting this self defense technique which I would hope no one ever attempts before defending one self from any aggressor.

logo3Photo from

If you watch how the take down is shown here from 0:59 to 1:58 seconds within the instructional video, the attacker steps forward with the same side foot that the punch came from. I came to notice that stepping forward with the same foot as the punch only helps set up the throw but was not accurate.If the assailant had flung a traditional blow stepping forward with the opposite leg that they punched with, this throw would not have been realistic as a response. So I realized that this video appeared informative at first but noticed that the more unrealistic a technique is toward a real-life situation, the less likely it can be effective. I greatly enjoyed attempting this technique and would like to welcome all those who are joining me on my journey to learn simple street fighting techniques. Always remember to K.I.S.S. it!

Who is the Girl Behind the Blog?

My name is Alexandra Garcia, often called Ally. My entire life I always carried an interest to learn self defense. This desire stemmed from numerous stories from my father of his experiences serving in the Colombian Army. Those stories made me realize that we live in a world that does have dangerous people and it’s important to know how to protect one self.

This blog will publish variousScreenshot_2014-09-21-15-56-32-1 ways to avoid being assaulted and harassed against one’s consent. Not only do I aim to be unique while educating others about this important topic, I will post a picture of me unrealistically capturing a  “selfie” before demonstrating a new technique that I have learned followed by occasional videos of my experiences. You might ask yourselves, how would that be possible and is it safe? I do not know but I will find out. Who wants to live in fear enough to warn others to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife?” Have no fear, selfie defense techniques are here. While your at it, check out the news story, “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” by clicking here. You will not regret it.